Pin-Up Shoot!

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Pin-Up Shoot!

Why not do something a little exciting and book an Orcatek Boudoir or Pin-Up Photo shoot?? This pin-up shoot combines a sexy, beautiful woman with a hot car! This client borrowed her boyfriend’s hot car to do a surprise pin-up shoot for him. In addition to the photos from the shoot, we can create a calendar and poster for her boyfriend to hang up…and ensure that he won’t be able to get her off his mind!


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July Photography Classes & Workshops

Don’t miss out on our Pin-Up Photography Workshop! Be sure to check out all our classes and workshops and sign up now as classes are filling up fast!


Phoenix Retro and Classic Pin-up Photographer Arizona

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Do What Scares You!

It’s always so important to push ourselves every so often. Do something unpredictable…something fun and new! The more we get out of our comfort zones and explore the world, our lives, our interests, the better off and more happy we will be. Why not try something you didn’t think you could do or something that scares you?

How about a photo shoot? Everyone has their own unique beauty and can become a top model in their personal photo shoot. You may choose whatever style you like. Boudoir, glamour, pin-up, fine art nude or even portrait. Whichever style you choose, we will bring your dream and vision to life. You will definitely have fun and also possible do something that may have scared you in the past. Just do it! You will feel a sense of life and living in the moment and perhaps a sense of living on the ‘wild side’!!!

Go ahead…live a little and book your personal photo shoot today!

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New Year, New Fun

Seems everyone wants to learn how to use their camera, so my photography classes have been filled.

Boudoir photography sessions have slowed down, but will pickup again for Valentines day.

Sometimes I get clients for maternity photographer work the were boudoir clients before.  Hmmm, I wonder.

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15 Minutes of Fame

The wives on Vh1’s Baseball Wives show decided to make a charity pin-up calendar.  I was selected to be the photographer for the project.  I had so much fun working with these women on their project.   Everyone treated me great and I hope to work with them again in the future.

I appeared in two episodes which can be see on Vh1’s website or on TV.  I am in Episode 2 doing the actual photo shoot and in Episode 4 where we discuss the retouching they would like.  All I can say is that we had a lot of fun, you’ll have to watch both episodes to see.  I am in the second half of both episodes.

Watch them here:  Baseball Wives

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Teaching and Shooting

The past 2 weeks have kept me so busy that I didn’t get a chance to post until now.

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching.  Introduction to photography, Boudoir photography workshop, Introduction to Photoshop and lots of private lessons.  To see what I am teaching next check out Orcatek Photography Workshops in Phoenix.

In between teaching I’ve had a lot of fun shooting.  One of my favorites was a maternity pin-up photography session.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun.

Maternity Pin-up

Maternity Pin-up

This week ahead is also swamped, which is good.  Love it when I am busy.

So go ahead and book your class or photo session.  Let’s keep this trend going.


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Pin-up was the big theme this week

This week it seems I was the Phoenix Pin-up Photographer of choice.  And it was a blast.

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

You never know where a shoot will take you with pin-up.  Seems like there is always a new prop or idea popping into my head to create something new.

I have another Introduction to Photography Class coming up soon.  Great way to learn how to get the most out of your camera.

I have some special Maternity Photography shoots coming up soon.  These are going to be fun.  Come back soon to see the results.

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Almost May!

Time is flying by and so many great shoots are happening.  I had some fun shooting some pin-up photographs and this was one of my favorites from the shoot.

Alex Hayes Pin-up bewitched

Pin-up ala Bewitched

Then I had some fun shooting some maternity photos in B&W.  I really enjoy working with the light to create these images.

Looking towards the future in this B&W pregnancy photo

Maternity in B&W



My On May 7th I will be teaching my Introduction to Photography class.  Email for a special price on this class.  It comes just in time to learn how to take some great photos this summer.


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Classics to Standards

I think I did all this week.   I had a ton of clients that needed headshots.  I meet the most interesting people that come in for their headshots.

Michael by phoenix headshot portrait photographer orcatek


And what could be more fun for a photographer that shooting some newborn photos for a prior maternity photography client.   The parents are always so proud and happy to show me their beautiful babies.

already a handful newborn baby by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek

Newborn baby is a handful

And of course there were plenty of boudoir photography clients too.  My favorite shot was this classic pose that Marilyn Monroe made famous.

Boudoir featuring sexy redhead on blue sheet by Phoenix photographer Orcatek

Redhead in boudoir sheets

I will be teaching a fine art nude photography workshop March 14-16.  Be sure to call if interested.

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Surprise Pin-up Photographs

Sometimes a photo shoot has a change in plans. As a photographer I need to be ready to adapt to whatever happens. From bad weather to equipment problems, there are always surprises.

This week on of the pleasant surprise is when Amber came into the studio to shoot. She was showing me her lingerie and said that the one outfit was very retro. My eye immediately saw pin-up for the outfit and asked her if she would like to do some classic pin-up with it, that ended up being as sexy as sites like

Amber jumped at the chance. She hadn’t even considered doing any pin-up photography for her shoot before, but now she was excited by the idea.

Retro lingerie creates perfect pin-up for amber by Phoenix photographer, Orcatek.

She loved the final shot and everyone she showed it to told her it was one of their favorites.