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Capturing Maternity Magic!

Life seems to move by so fast, and it is so important to capture precious moments.When it comes to Maternity photo shoots, don’t trust just anyone to capture these precious times. We have so much experience with shooting Maternity. Not only is a Maternity photo shoot so important to document the exciting time waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, but it also essential to have a Newborn photo shoot once your baby arrives. A beautiful and fun option with the newborn shoot is to include both parents.  These photos are so precious and will last a lifetime along with all of the memories that are made during this exciting time.


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Maternity Photography Workshop!

A behind the scene’s look at our soon to be mom embracing her belly during our Maternity Photography Workshop! All of these moments are priceless to capture and document for the future while waiting with excitement for your beautiful bundle of joy to arrive! Our Maternity Workshop is one of our many specialty photography classes that allow students to learn and have plenty of shooting time with the model to put their new skills into practice.


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Couple’s Maternity Shoot

A maternity shoot helps celebrate and create lasting memories of such an exciting time. What could be more loving and beautiful than including your partner in the shoot as you show love for your future child.



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New Year, New Fun

Seems everyone wants to learn how to use their camera, so my photography classes have been filled.

Boudoir photography sessions have slowed down, but will pickup again for Valentines day.

Sometimes I get clients for maternity photographer work the were boudoir clients before.  Hmmm, I wonder.

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So much to talk about

First of all, I have been teaching constantly.  And I have schedule a lot of photography classes and workshops.  So now is the time to learn all my tricks.

I played around with water for a bunch of boudoir photographs.  Be sure to check them out.  Next summer I will be doing this again.

And maternity and newborn photography is always popular.  I love it when my maternity clients return for their newborn photos.  It lets me enjoy a bit of that special time in their life.


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CinemaTique and More

Orcatek Photography is now working with CinemaTique Creative Group to produce an wide variety of project including UFOria TV, Soldier (a new docudrama), music videos and educational services.

Of course we will still provide all the services we are known for such as amazing boudoir photography, beautiful maternity photographs, cute newborn photos, head shots, automotive photography and photography classes and workshops.

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Holidays are already getting busy!

Did some more filming for the reality show as a photographer.  Hopefully I won’t end up on the cutting room floor.  I will keep you posted as to when it airs.

Had some real fun creating this maternity photo recently.   I am always looking for new ideas.

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Also been shooting a lot of boudoir photography for holiday gifts.  Several have chosen to add some fine art nudes such as this one.

Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick

Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick

I also been teaching more classes.  Several introduction to photography classes and a Photoshop workshop.  December has a bunch more classes coming.  Check out my photography workshop site for more details.


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So much to tell

The big news is that I was part of a reality show this week.  I can’t reveal anything until it airs, sometime in December.

Pregnancy was the them as I have been very busy with some amazing future moms creating maternity portraits.    I love it when they bring in some new ideas.  Just when I think I’ve seen it all, they surprise me.

I was published again.  This time in a national fashion magazine called Eliza.  I did an underwater fashion shoot featuring retro swimwear.

Underwater Fashion

Underwater Fashion in Eliza Magazine

Some interesting boudoir photo sessions also added to my schedule.   Their custom books are going to arrive any day.

I also taught a lot of photography classes recently, including studio lighting workshop and fine art nude photography workshop.

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Teaching and Shooting

The past 2 weeks have kept me so busy that I didn’t get a chance to post until now.

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching.  Introduction to photography, Boudoir photography workshop, Introduction to Photoshop and lots of private lessons.  To see what I am teaching next check out Orcatek Photography Workshops in Phoenix.

In between teaching I’ve had a lot of fun shooting.  One of my favorites was a maternity pin-up photography session.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun.

Maternity Pin-up

Maternity Pin-up

This week ahead is also swamped, which is good.  Love it when I am busy.

So go ahead and book your class or photo session.  Let’s keep this trend going.


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Almost May!

Time is flying by and so many great shoots are happening.  I had some fun shooting some pin-up photographs and this was one of my favorites from the shoot.

Alex Hayes Pin-up bewitched

Pin-up ala Bewitched

Then I had some fun shooting some maternity photos in B&W.  I really enjoy working with the light to create these images.

Looking towards the future in this B&W pregnancy photo

Maternity in B&W



My On May 7th I will be teaching my Introduction to Photography class.  Email for a special price on this class.  It comes just in time to learn how to take some great photos this summer.