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Phoenix Retro and Classic Pin-up Photographer Arizona

Sexy 4th Celebration

Independence Day is here and things are heating up! Time to have a little fun and embrace your sexy side with a good old fashioned Pin-Up photo shoot! This sexy Pin-Up shot captures the fun and playfulness of the season including back yard barbecues and fireworks! A sexy pin-up photo shoot is the perfect surprise gift and can be made into a calendar for that special someone in your life…or a fun gift to yourself to celebrate your beautiful, sexy self!


Creative Photo Images!

Another incredibly artistic Orcatek image created from the all day filming for a professional dance video shoot in the far north valley. Dancers flew in from all different locations around the country to be part of this epic production. The video shoot was an incredible event, and the images from individual dancers into flower patterns added an additional level of artistic creation.

Strong Images!

Whether you realize it or not, your image is everything. This is especially true in business and attempting to sell yourself and services. Your photo can be used on business cards, websites, social media, political ads, and for the entertainment world…your headshot and resume combined are what get you an audition or meeting to book jobs. With this being said, your portrait or headshot should be done professionally and not a quick picture taken with a cell phone. We have years of experience with photographing business portraits and headshots for all fields of work, including this Business Portrait for a client.

Private Photography Lessons!

Spring is here and a reminder not to forget about our Orcatek private photography lessons! Here’s a photo from at an Orcatek private Nature Photography lesson on location here in Arizona. Dean was able to teach the student one on one during this private Nature Photography lesson. We offer all of our classes and workshops as private lessons for those who tend to learn more effectively with one on one instruction. Treat yourself in this new year to a private photography lesson and start achieving your photography goals!

Weekend Photography!

A fun Saturday edition of our Intro to Photography DSLR class! This core class is our most popular photography class so we hold it multiple times a month including nights and weekends! This 4 hour class will teach you everything you need to know about your camera and all its settings and functions. In addition, you will learn how to take better pictures!

Holiday Cheer!

A behind the scene’s look back at an annual Orcatek Holiday Photo Shoot for the charity pin-up group, B12 Bombshells! This group of beautiful women volunteer their time with this incredible charity that helps support veterans. There’s nothing like some sexy Pin-Up fun to support a great cause! Happy Holidays!  Peace to you and yours and embrace the love and spirit of giving!

Billboard Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at an Orcatek photoshoot for a Digital Billboard Advertising Commercial! You’re business is everything! When it comes to advertising and your product photos, you need to bring on a professional photographer. The quality of your photos and image of your products can make the difference between average sales and a highly successful business. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cut corners and photographing your own products. You’re image is everything and sometimes you only get one shot at creating it. Trust us with all your business image and product needs!

Fun Saturday Class!

It’s Photography Funday! Our latest edition of Saturday afternoon’s full Intro to Photography DSLR class! We offer this core class ongoing and multiple times a month because of its popularity and success in teaching everything needed to start out in photography or taking your skills to the next level! In addition, we offer our core photography classes and all of our specialty photography classes as private lessons if you prefer a more one-on-one learning experience! Sign up for a class and take your photography skills to the next level!


Commercial & Video Production!

Along with all of our photography services and photography classes and workshops, Orcatek Photography also has a Video, Film and Commercial Production division. Need an ad or a commercial shot for your business or product? We can do it! Here is one of our commercials we did for MedScan Id! Reach out to us and we can film all of your commercial, advertising and promotional video needs!

Corporate Head Shot Photos!

A behind the scenes look at the Orcatek corporate head shot photo shoot for the American Sugarbeet Grower’s Association. In business, image is everything so you need to trust a professional to shoot all of your corporate photos.




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