Sexy Preseason Games!

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Sexy Preseason Games!

The heat of summer is still hanging around, but fall is just around the corner and preseason football is under way! Time to embrace your team spirit! Why not show your significant other just how sexy you are and that you want to be team captain! We can create an entire calendar or book with your sexy team photos, or we can create a poster to hang up and make you simply unforgettable! Make yourself memorable and embrace your sexy confidence by treating yourself to fun, playful boudoir photo shoot!

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Photo Shoot Fun!

Do what scares you and celebrate your beautiful self by booking a sexy Boudoir photo shoot! This beautiful Fine Art Nude Boudoir shot shows that sexiness can be found in the most simple of settings. Our shy looking model has an innocence about her that is attractive and captivating. The use of specific lighting techniques and shadows along with her natural beauty and innocence creates a photo that is priceless and leaves the viewer wanting more. Your photos would make a great framed art piece for that special someone in your life or we could print a book with a collection of your beautiful images!



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Sporty Boudoir Shoot!

Football season is right around the corner. Why not have fun and create a sporty themed boudoir shoot for that special someone in your life. Model some of his favorite team’s jerseys for photos he’ll never forget.

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Hollywood Glamour

How about a Retro Hollywood Glamour shoot? The vintage dress along with creative lighting techniques bring this beautiful creation to life! You can be a glamorous star too in your own photo shoot!



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Snow Cones Anyone??

This week’s original dress design and photo shoot!  The snow cone cup dress and backdrop along with creative lighting techniques bring this beautiful creation to life!



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Do What Scares You!

It’s always so important to push ourselves every so often. Do something unpredictable…something fun and new! The more we get out of our comfort zones and explore the world, our lives, our interests, the better off and more happy we will be. Why not try something you didn’t think you could do or something that scares you?

How about a photo shoot? Everyone has their own unique beauty and can become a top model in their personal photo shoot. You may choose whatever style you like. Boudoir, glamour, pin-up, fine art nude or even portrait. Whichever style you choose, we will bring your dream and vision to life. You will definitely have fun and also possible do something that may have scared you in the past. Just do it! You will feel a sense of life and living in the moment and perhaps a sense of living on the ‘wild side’!!!

Go ahead…live a little and book your personal photo shoot today!

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Fun Boudoir Samples

Shot a lot of boudoir for Valentines.  Here are some samples that I was permitted to show.   Privacy is number one, so only with permission do we show your photos.

nude girl flashes in boudoir photo


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Whew – it’s been busy

Finally got a few moments to update my blog.  So many shoots this week.  I’ve been doing a lot of shoots for 480 Magazine.   Lots of fun shooting the wonderful ladies that are part of this.

4 sexy ladies in a sexy boudoir bathtub by Orcatek photography in his Phoenix studio

480 Magazine

My boudoir photography experience came in handy for this shoot.

Lots of clients also rented The Studio this week.  I shot lots of behind the scenes photos.

Spent some time preparing for the Introduction to Photography Class coming up on April 16.  You can still register.  Call about the $29 special – regularly $99.  Be sure to check out our other photography classes.   Want to get on our list about workshops, just drop an email to


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Things are settling down

Several students came to the studio for private photography lessons.    A few were repeat students coming in to take more advance classes.  I love teaching photography to enthusiasts.

Maternity photography was another busy area.   Some very excited moms to be came in to capture their pregnancy bellies.  Even some of the siblings got in on the act.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek

And of course there was a lot of boudoir photography for Valentines that kept my very busy.    So many amazing woman gave such a personal gift to that special man in their lives.

Stephanie in sexy red lingerie by phoenix boudoir photographer Orcatek

Business is growing slowly but surely.  I have recently expanded my boudoir photography into Las Vegas.  With it being a popular destination for so many, it makes it the perfect place for boudoir photos.

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Sexy Stripper Pole Set

With pole dancing classes being popular, we started to get a lot of requests for stripper pole photos.  It took some time to find the right pole and solution and a way to create sexy and classy photos with this new boudoir set.

Stripper pole set added to create sexy boudoir photos with Phoenix photographer Orcatek

What kind of boudoir photographer would we be if we just set up a pole?  So it required much more than just a pole for us to be happy with the result.  We wanted to create the feeling of being in a club, dancing for that special guy.   As you can tell, it works.