New Year, New Fun

New Year, New Fun

Seems everyone wants to learn how to use their camera, so my photography classes have been filled.

Boudoir photography sessions have slowed down, but will pickup again for Valentines day.

Sometimes I get clients for maternity photographer work the were boudoir clients before.  Hmmm, I wonder.

Google Trusted Photographer

Orcatek Photography just became a certified Google Trusted Photographer for the Phoenix area.   The interactive virtual walk-thrus that are starting to be seen on Google Maps and Google Place pages are created by Google Trusted Photographers.

Here is my studio:

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If you want to bring in more customers to your business, don’t wait any longer.  Call Orcatek and get on-line.

Orcatek Business Photos

15 Minutes of Fame

The wives on Vh1’s Baseball Wives show decided to make a charity pin-up calendar.  I was selected to be the photographer for the project.  I had so much fun working with these women on their project.   Everyone treated me great and I hope to work with them again in the future.

I appeared in two episodes which can be see on Vh1’s website or on TV.  I am in Episode 2 doing the actual photo shoot and in Episode 4 where we discuss the retouching they would like.  All I can say is that we had a lot of fun, you’ll have to watch both episodes to see.  I am in the second half of both episodes.

Watch them here:  Baseball Wives

Last minute updates

My photography workshops and classes are becoming very popular.   I have been teaching at least one class a week and have had private lessons in between.

The holiday season is a prime season for boudoir photography, which is why I have been lacking in my blog updates.  Lots of men will be getting a very special present this year.

Sexy photos make a great gift
Sexy Holiday Photos


I also shot a lot of maternity and newborn photographer sessions.  Some amazing new families came in for their shoots with some of the cutest newborn babies.

Cute baby photographer in B&W
Cute baby in B&W

And of course the rest of my time was filled with holiday portraits.

Have a safe and fun holiday season!



Holidays are already getting busy!

Did some more filming for the reality show as a photographer.  Hopefully I won’t end up on the cutting room floor.  I will keep you posted as to when it airs.

Had some real fun creating this maternity photo recently.   I am always looking for new ideas.

Baby Movie Poster Maternity
Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Also been shooting a lot of boudoir photography for holiday gifts.  Several have chosen to add some fine art nudes such as this one.

Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick
Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick

I also been teaching more classes.  Several introduction to photography classes and a Photoshop workshop.  December has a bunch more classes coming.  Check out my photography workshop site for more details.


Another busy week.

This weekend’s introduction to photography class sold out early.  There is still some room in the introduction to studio lighting.  I also added two more introduction to photography class later in the month.

I shot some fun couples maternity photos this week.   I love to shoot couples as part of a maternity photography session.  It is great to show the love for a new baby.

Couples Maternity
Couples Maternity

Boudoir photos kept me so very busy this week.  Lots of amazing women came to the studio for the photo shoots.  Everyone wanted to remain private so I can’t show you any photos this time.

My favorite shoot was for Flashes of Hope at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.   A great cause that I love to volunteer for whenever I can.

Flashes of Hope
Flashes of Hope

Please visit their website to learn more.




Fun week

So many things happened this week it was great.  I did a shoot for the feature story in Automotive News.  Can’t wait to get a copy.  I love automotive photography.

Corvette ZR1
Corvette ZR1

Taught several photography workshops this past weekend.  Both fine art nudes and pin-up photography.  Everyone had a great time.  This week I will be teaching an introduction to photography class for DSLR’s.   Click the workshop link to learn more about it.

A few boudoir photography clients came in for their photo shoots.  More lucky guys out there will be getting some great gifts.

And a few more maternity and newborn photography clients came in for their shoots.  You never know when the newborns shoots are going to happen, so it’s always a pleasant surprise.

I have a large charity pin-up shoot scheduled for next weekend.   It’s going to be a blast.



Lambos, Boudoir and Newborns

I love to photograph cars, so when I had the chance to photograph this Lamborghini Murcielago I was more than happy.  Automotive photographers love it when we get the chance to shoot exotic cars.

lamborghini murcielago
Lamborghini Murcielago

Took some fun boudoir photos which I gave a retro look.  I like the to every once in awhile have some fun and give a photo a unique look that varies from my standard styling.

Retro style boudoir photograph
Retro style boudoir photograph

And I ended the week with a newborn photography session.  It was twin girls who were not even a week old yet.   I should have a photo for you to see with the parent permission next week.

Model Updates her Portfolio

Had a great week shooting a lot of models for a local modelling agency.  You will be seeing a bunch of photos from these shoots.   Here is is one of my favorites shots from a recent shoot.

Model Shalea Portfolio Photo shot in Phoenix
Model Shalea Portfolio Photo

I really liked how the light catches her face in this photograph.

Photography Workshops

My new website dedicated to my photography workshops is up and ready for viewing.  Here you can read about the various workshops, check the schedule and register.

Of course my ever popular introduction to photography class will always be available.  Along with advanced topics such as studio lighting, boudoir, maternity, fine art nudes and automotive.   So check out, share it with your friends and maybe even take a class yourself.

So go ahead and click the link – Orcatek Photography Workshops


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Use my referral link to buy a Tesla and get up discounts and free extras. Click now to save