New Year, New Fun

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New Year, New Fun

Seems everyone wants to learn how to use their camera, so my photography classes have been filled.

Boudoir photography sessions have slowed down, but will pickup again for Valentines day.

Sometimes I get clients for maternity photographer work the were boudoir clients before.  Hmmm, I wonder.

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Holidays are already getting busy!

Did some more filming for the reality show as a photographer.  Hopefully I won’t end up on the cutting room floor.  I will keep you posted as to when it airs.

Had some real fun creating this maternity photo recently.   I am always looking for new ideas.

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Baby Movie Poster Maternity

Also been shooting a lot of boudoir photography for holiday gifts.  Several have chosen to add some fine art nudes such as this one.

Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick

Fine Art Nude - Blonde on Brick

I also been teaching more classes.  Several introduction to photography classes and a Photoshop workshop.  December has a bunch more classes coming.  Check out my photography workshop site for more details.


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Sexy boots in the boudoir

Ladies, guys like boots on you. Short boots, cowboy boots or most any other boot. So if you have some, be sure to bring them to your boudoir photography session. Men love a woman with power behind her steps. A woman that makes an entrance always gets a man’s attention. Those sexy boots tell a man that she knows what she wants and she will take it when she is ready. That authority draws men in and there is nothing they can do about it. The images you can capture in boots are breathtaking, you can see some sexy examples of boots being used at websites similar to to get a feel for the impact boots can have. There are so many creative ways that we can work with them to create some really sexy images just for him. This is just one example.

Sitting in sexy boots for this implied nude image by Phoenix boudoir photographer - Orcatek.

Of course boots are just one of the many ideas for creating those tastefully exciting photos. When you schedule your appointment we will chat about how to make your photos personalized just for him.

Of course boots were not the only thing that I had the opportunity to shoot this week. I did some senior portraits which are always fun. Capturing all the special times in turning point of their lives.

And some aspiring actors got new headshots, future moms got their maternity photos taken and a great car was brought by for some automotive photography magic.

E-mail me at [email protected] to get coupons just in time for the holidays!

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Sexy Boudoir Photography and Model Portfolios

So many fun shoots this week I thought I would share two of them.  The first was a photo shoot with model Oksana who need commercial photographs for her modeling agency.  We shot a wide variety of sets both in the studio and on location.   Here are a few of shots created for her modeling portfolio.

Another great shoot was a boudoir photography session in an amazing hotel.  The idea was to create sexy photographs that appeared as if the light was streaming in thru the window.  With a few photographic and lighting tricks, this image was created and she agreed to let it be shown in the blog.

It is going to get busy when the holidays arrive, so book early and save.

E-mail me at [email protected] to get coupons just in time for the holidays!

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Windows and Boudoir

Whenever I do boudoir photography on location, I always hope for a big window in one of the rooms. The light coming through that window is so often just perfect for boudoir. Sure it may take a few tricks to get it to behave just right, but the end results are amazing.
Boudoir Photography phoenix arizona sexy photographer orcatek window light intimate
For the studio I have just acquired a new prop that will be perfect for boudoir photography sessions. I will also be using it for pin-up and will give it a try with some maternity. What can I say, I love this new prop.
Bathtub Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Pin-up Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek
It took a very long time to find one I liked, but it’s finally here!

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Pin-up, Fine Art Nudes and More!

Another very busy week here at Orcatek Photography! Shot several amazing women in boudoir and glamour photography sessions. There are going to be some very happy guys out there soon!

And of course there was more classic pin-up photography. This style is becoming very popular and is a lot of fun to shoot.

Of course there were some headshots for some future stars. Fun shoots as they are always so full of personality.

And I also did some fine art nude photography. These images are often requested by my clients as additions to their boudoir photography sessions.

Looking at next week’s schedule it should be another great week with lots of variety.

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Shapes and Shadows for Fine Art Nudes

Fine art nude photography can take on a variety of styles. I find that the looks I tend to shoot really are focused on two key elements – shapes and shadows. Often a simple twist on a pose will create an interesting shape.

Then again a simple pose can create the most beautiful shape with wonderful curves and lines.

Shadow and light are my favorite tools for creating interesting fine art nudes. They create unique bodyscapes that are just amazing.

So when you come for your boudoir or glamour photography sessions at our Tempe, Arizona studio, just remember that your photographer can always add some fine art nude photographs to your session.

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In the Bedroom with Jes

My favorite shoot of the week was one with Jes that we shot in the bedroom. She wanted her boudoir and glamour photographs to be very sexy but still remain modest. So my photographer mind went to work on creating the perfect poses to give her the look she wanted.

She loved the entire shoot. We did a wide variety of looks to make sure the book we were creating would have a new sexy surprise with each turn of the page. I thinks someone is going to be very happy when they see the result.

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BBQ Pin-up

One of my boudoir photography clients last month wanted me to do a fun BBQ pin-up for valentines.   As a boudoir photographer herself, she knew there was one photographer that she would go to for her pin-up photographs – Orcatek Photography.

Of course the pin-up was a surprise, so she requested I wait until after valentines day before I showed it here on my blog.

As you can see we had a great time creating this photograph and many others.  When I create pin-up boudoir images I like to process them to create the effect of them being graphic art like some of the classic pin-ups of the past.

For more information on pin-up and boudoir photography just click here.

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Big Belly Baby

Jessica came to the studio because she wanted to gets some maternity photographs done to remember her “big belly baby” as she called it.   Jessica was glowing and she looked amazing.  We spent a few fun hours shooting to create all the photographs for her memory book.

As a photographer I really like it when my clients bring in a large variety of outfits to a shoot, as it gives me lots of creative choices.  Jessica brought a ton of fun outfits, resulting in a beautiful collection of shots.  Each photo set created a new mood.

Jessica should deliver her baby soon.

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