Sandrail Shoot!

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Sandrail Shoot!

Happy New Year! With the new year comes new projects! Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Orcatek photo shoot for a client with his cool sandrail! We have years of experience shooting automotive, cars, trucks, sandrails, motorcycles and even planes! Professional looking photos make all the difference for both business and hobbies to show off your products and pride and joy collections!


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Hotrod Photo Shoot!

When shooting your hotrod or classic car, you want images that show the details of your vehicle, capture its lines, reflect the time and effort it took to create it – and the care it takes to keep it looking its very best. We shoot both at our spacious studio and also on location for your convenience!


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Pin-Up Shoot!

Why not do something a little exciting and book an Orcatek Boudoir or Pin-Up Photo shoot?? This pin-up shoot combines a sexy, beautiful woman with a hot car! This client borrowed her boyfriend’s hot car to do a surprise pin-up shoot for him. In addition to the photos from the shoot, we can create a calendar and poster for her boyfriend to hang up…and ensure that he won’t be able to get her off his mind!


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Truck Shoot

Orcatek Photography automotive photo shoot for this cool new truck! Orcatek is highly experienced in motorcycle and automotive photography and has been featured in many national  magazines.


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Motorcycle and Automotive Photography

When shooting your car or bike, you want images that show the details of your vehicle, capture its lines, reflect the time and effort it took to create it – and the care it takes to keep it looking its very best. We shoot both at our spacious studio and also on location for your convenience!

Motorcycle lights phoenix


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Street Rod – 1937 Ford Roadster

Custom street rods are really fun to photograph.  This car shown here is a frequent show winner and as a photographer I felt lucky to shoot such an amazing looking car.   The removable hardtop made getting a shot of the interior so much easier.  Of course the suicide doors just create a great overall look.


Orcatek Automotive and Motorcycle Photographer – Phoenix, Arizona

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Custom Mercedes in Black

This week I faced the fun challenge of photographing a black custom Mercedes in my studio.  As with all black cars, dealing with the many reflections was key to success. 


It is always worth the effort as I really enjoy photographing cars.  From classic hotrods to amazing exotic cars, each presents their own set of challenges for the photographer.  Finding the perfect angles to show off the curves of a fender, or just the right type  light to bring out details hidden in shadows are just a few of the problems I enjoy solving.

I’ve got another great car coming into the studio soon that will provide the opportunity to use some new techniques.

Orcatek Automotive and Motorcycle Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

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Motorcycles and Automobiles in the Studio

Automotive or motorcycle photography in the studio presents some interesting challenges.  This week I will take a look at some of the options for dealing with these details. 

Motorcycle Photography Phoenix Orcatek

First of all they are big and don’t move easily to “adjust their pose”.   Motorcycles are a bit easier to photograph as they can move easier, but cars or trucks are just a lot of work.  Careful planning is required. 

The first thing you need is a studio with enough space to hold the car and allow the photographer to get far enough away to shoot it.   If you are too close you will need to use your wide angle lens leading to shots where the vehicle will have a huge front end for example.  Sometimes this look can be desired, but more often than not, it is problematic.  I prefer to be a good 20 or more feet to keep proportions correct.

For moving the car around, car wheel dollies are great.  One goes under each tire and you can jack it up then basically push the car in any direction you want, even spin it in a circle.  They are not a cheap tool, but if you shoot a lot of cars, they are well worth the investment.

The other most difficult thing to deal with is reflections.  The whole automobile is one great big mirror.  Chrome on motorcycles can be even worse.  And of course the classic black hot rod looks great, but shows everything.   A very clean studio area is critical.  Anything that must remain should be pushed as far away as possible from the car.   This includes yourself and your assistants.

I actually have my assistants step off set behind a wall in my studio.  I wear black to help hide my reflection.    Another reason for keeping the photographer to automobile distance large during the shoot, is that it makes the reflections much smaller and easier to deal with in post.

Lighting is another key.  You need a large soft light from above for most automotive work.   Since I shoot on white, I have painted my light stands and cords white to hide them in reflections.  Nothing more annoying than a beautiful white highlight on a car with a light stand jumping out at you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  And if you are in the Phoenix area, I do rent my studio to other photographers.

Orcatek Automotive and Motorcycle Photography

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Photography Challenge, Motorcycle on the Beach

This week presented a challenge, off to the beach for to photograph a motorcycle.  Shooting a motorcycle or car at a beach is typically very difficult.  The biggest challenge is the motorcycle will sink into the soft sand of the beach.  On a soft sandy beach I would need bury a layer or two of plywood just below the surface of the beach and then smooth it out after placing the bike.  

Next challenge is timing as the tide will be moving either in or out, and depending on the location this can be a foot or two,  to hundreds of feet if the slope of the beach is very gradual.  One of my favorite beaches the low and high tide lines are tyically 200-300 feet apart.   The smallest tide swings on at the half moon phases.

And of course waves will also present a challenge as they roll in and out.  Salt water is very bad for vehicles, so keeping them dry is a priority.

In this case the beach had a hard area that was not sandy at all in this area.  Being hard and dry the bike could stand on its own.  The area was sheltered enough and the sea was very calm, usually mornings are the best time to find this calmness. 

Motorcycle Photography

In the end, everything came together.  When things were set-up, I liked where the sun was, creating a good shadow, the tide was moving in slowly to position and the sea was calm.  With the addition of some supplemental lighting to fill in and create some sparkle, it came together as I had imagined.

 Orcatek Automotive and Motorcycle Photography – Phoenix