Valentine Gifts!

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Valentine Gifts!

Valentine’s Day is coming! Why not give the gift of a photography class!!! We have been up and running with our interactive live ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES! We can give you the piece of mind and safety of taking our classes from your own home. All the material covered is the same as the physical classes we were holding at our studio, but now you can be safe and comfortable for class! Be sure to register soon and start your new hobby or career!

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Valentines Day is approaching

With the approach of Valentines day I am being kept busy with boudoir photography. After all, it does make a great gift for Valentines day. Along with the standard Roses for Valentine’s day delivery, never look past the power that photography can have as a gift.

Sexy intimate boudoir photo for valentines day by  boudoir photographer, Orcatek in Phoenix, Arizona.

Still getting a lot of maternity clients too. It seems pregnancy photos are hot this time of year.

And I have also a few of my maternity clients returning to get photos of their newborn babies.

It has been a great week to be a photographer, as I have had some amazing clients.

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Boudoir for Valentines

Valentines Day is approaching and one sexy gift that seems to always be very popular is boudoir photography. Every year an amazing variety of women come to the decision that glamour photographs would make the perfect, sexy gift for that someone special in their lives – husband, boyfriend and lovers. While posing as a your sexy self you might feel like you could feature on or another similar adult site, and your partner will most likely think the same when you surprise them with the sexy shots.

Each woman brings her own special style and sexiness to the session. Some choose to take that literally with products from Lovegasm, others have a more subtle note. As the photographer I consult with them prior to the shoot on ideas from lingerie to fantasy outfits. As a photographer, it can be easy to just assume that those being photographed will just be wearing lingerie, but some have kinks and fantasies of outfits they want their partner to see them in, and vice versa. For example, some will want to wear sexy costumes for the shoot, or perhaps they’ll find the hottest in Latex fashion bodysuit for their partner to admire. As a photographer, this variation is great and always sets a new challenge or new angles for me to work with. Additionally, some may get inspiration from a series of nsfw reviews from here, whilst others may be going for the more classical artistry angle. I work to learn their style so each shoot is different. Some clients want to add fine art nudes to the mix, others bring in motorcycles or even cars into the studio (nice to have enough space to shoot a car). Just when I think I’ve seen everything, someone will come up with a new request and I love it.

But my boudoir photography shoots are not limited to just shooting at The Studio, my Tempe photography studio. I do a lot of work on location as shown in the shot above. Some women like to shoot at local resorts and some even have me shoot in the privacy of their homes. Each location gives plenty of creative opportunities to create some sexy boudoir photographs for the special Valentines Day gift from you to him.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona