Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Working with the Photographer

Boudoir Photography on Location
Boudoir Photography on Location

Boudoir photography is much more that taking pictures of scantily clad women. There is an art to posing and lighting a women to hi-light her beauty, hide any flaws and remain tasteful and not cross the line into adult entertainment, leave that to the sites like and others. Boudoir photographs are often revealing, but nudity is not a requirement for the glamorous and sensual look that is desired. So when you work with your photographer some things to expect.

  • The photographer will not watch you change outfits.
  • The photographer will not “grope” you or handle you in any way.
  • Your limits as to what you feel comfortable in a pose will be respected.
  • Fine details of your pose will be watched, and you will get told “You need to move a tiny bit.” Often to cover parts you want hidden.
  • You may feel nervous at the start, but you should quickly develop a trust and comfort level.
  • The photographer will provide plenty of feedback during the shoot on how to improve and where you do something great.

Doesn’t boudoir mean bedroom, so should the photographs be done there? Yes, a women’s boudoir originally was her bedroom, but today boudoir and glamour photography as expanded to include just about any location. The key is posing, lighting and mood captured by the photographer. I’ve done boudoir in kitchens, pools, deserts, mountains, garages, bars, barns and empty rooms to name a few. All these locations created amazing, sexy photographs through the use of my skills as an artist.

I think I would prefer a woman to photograph me so I would feel more comfortable, is that OK? There are many talented female photographers out there, but I believe a male photographer is a better choice for boudoir. A man looks a woman just a little bit different, and so a male photographer is better able to capture that feeling. He understands what men find attractive, as he is one. And the sexual tension that can come from being sexy in front of a strange man can also add the special something to the images. The look in your eyes will be different when looking at man instead of a woman, and that look can make an image amazing. But if a male photographer would make you too uncomfortable, find one of the many talented women.

I’m not a 20 year old supermodel, will I still look good? A good boudoir photographer will make you look very sexy and desirable. He knows just how to pose and light you to accent your beauty. Most of the women I shoot for boudoir are everyday, mature women you might pass in the mall, in their 30’s and 40’s with a few kids. They often come into the shoot worried about how they compare, and leave knowing that real women are beautiful and sexy. Some women even feel so inspired by their shoot that they even channel their inner MILF and contemplate starring in their own flick. I often hear from my clients, “It’s amazing what you do with lights and posing, even without retouching I look so good.”

I don’t think I can be alone with the photographer and feel safe, what should I do? Trust is an important issue. Many of my clients bring a girlfriend to the photo session. They sit behind the privacy screen during the shoot, but are there to help with clothing changes and to provide a comfort factor. It is understandable that you would be nervous, and a professional would not be offended if you want to bring a friend.

I want to pose with my lover, is that still boudoir? Yes, it can still be boudoir. I have shot both male/female and female/female couples for boudoir sessions. Careful posing needs to be followed to keep the images sexy and sensual and not adult entertainment. If you want adult entertainment going to websites like fuckedgay (you can discover more at should satisfy you and your partner’s needs. But, of course, there are many different adult websites, so make sure to find one that both of you like. For example, XNXX is one of the most popular porn websites, so it might be worth trying to use VPN Compass Guide to unblock that website. But we focus on capturing the intimacy between couples. Showing the love and passion that a couple shares between themselves can create some beautiful images.

Trust in your photographer’s skill, will allow you to realize that you too can be sexy like those images you’ve seen. By working with a talented professional you can be confident that your trust in this photographer will provide you with the photographs you have imagined, and hopefully exceed your desires

Orcatek Boudoir Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Be Careful

Boudoir photography is becoming very popular these days. It seems everyone is wants to have or wants to take boudoir photographs. Tasteful nudes, like these Snapchat nudes, have always been part of art as can be seen in classic sculpture and paintings. But what makes boudoir images artful and not trashy is the talent of a professional photographer.

Boudoir Photographers, Careful who you choose
Boudoir Photographers, Careful who you choose

Women will find that it is easy to find men who are willing to photograph them nude. Many of those men probably decide to watch teen sex to better understand female anatomy and enjoy themselves. We all seen the cliche photographer who is just after models. In the industry there are what are known as GWC’s – Guy’s with Cameras. Men who have a hobby of taking pictures of girls for their own personal pleasure, lack any real understanding of lighting, posing, composition or often even how really use their cameras.

So how does one find professional and not a GWC?

  • A professional will have business license for starters – they pay sales tax.
  • Many will be incorporated or LLC companies.
  • They tend to belong to professional organizations such as PPA (Professional Photographers of America), WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), EP (Editorial Photographers) to name a few.
  • The have quality sample work, both on their website and in print.
  • They have relationships with other professionals such as make-up artists and hair stylists.
  • They often have a physical studio.
  • They have business checks with a business name on them, although many photographers shoot under their names.
  • Professionals accept credit cards.
  • GWC’s will tell you that you have to come alone as a second person is a distraction and ruins the mood, etc.

But what if the photographer doesn’t have a studio, is that a red flag? That would be a caution, but not a red flag. Many professionals work out of home studios or on location. This is especially true for wedding photographers, but does apply to other areas too. A studio is a huge overhead and so much work is done on location today, that not having a studio does not label a photographer a GWC. So if there is no studio, just make sure you do your homework, which is the reason for this blog entry. I have a studio, but 80% of my business is shot outside the studio. This is why I share my studio with several other photographers.

When you contact them how do they respond. Are their responses professional? How do they answer the phone, do they give the company name? Request a meeting with the photographer. Do they give you a bad vibe? Do they show other samples that are of the quality you expect? Is it a professional presentation or just a handful of photos?

The photographer gave me a really nice business card, so he’s a professional right? Sad to say, but for less than $20 you can order a few hundred business cards, with whatever you want printed on them. A business card is probably the biggest scam to proving you are in business there is today.

What about a website, does that make them a pro? Once again, for a few dollars you can set-up a website. And nobody checks what is on a website, so they can say whatever they want. In fact some GWC’s actually steal photos from others to make them look better than they are. A good website is a good sign, but it doesn’t mean that you are getting a professional.

So in summary I strongly recommend you do your research when choosing a boudoir photographer, or any photographer. Using professional photographers will get you the type of quality images you deserve.

Next week I will talk more about your shoot and how it should proceed, and what makes a great boudoir image.

Orcatek Boudoir Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Boudoir and Fashion – Sex Sells

Boudoir and Glamour Photographers can often look towards fashion to create beautiful and sexy photographs. Men’s magazines are not the only place to find inspiration. For instance, in the digital age, there is an abundance of adult entertainment websites such as where you can find inspiration for a sexy photo shoot. As we all know, sex sells, and that exactly why you can find so many ideas for boudoir photography in fashion magazines. A fashion ad will often be very sexy, but never push into the realm of men’s magazine look. A ‘sexy’ fashion ad is usually somewhat provocative, but never quite pushes into the realm of X-rated. Those looking for ‘a bit more’ usually have to go to a website like for what they’re after.

And don’t only look at lingerie ads. Sure Victoria’s Secret is full of sexy shots, but that does not make it the only source. Almost everything in fashion is sold with sex at some time. Take this example photo. It could be (and probably was) used to sell sunglasses. However, the outfit the model is wearing and the sexy nature of the shot makes it look like something off So it would also make a great boudoir photo for clients who want something a little different than the typical glamour shot.

Fashion and Boudoir - Sex Sells
Fashion and Boudoir - Sex Sells

Perfume, make-up, hair products are all great places to look for inspiration. It’s not about cloning these ads, but developing a new way to shoot sexy boudoir photographs. You might find that some boudoir photographers even watch videos like those found on sites similar to to get inspiration, to really try and make the photos as sexy as possible. The photographer should note how lights are used to set moods, hands are positioned and how the body is concealed and revealed at the same time. Train yourself to see the glamour in these ads. Think about how to apply this style to your boudoir shots.

If you want to continue to shoot the same old boudoir and glamour photographs, keep looking at men’s magazines, but if you really want to take your work to the next level take a look at the latest in fashion.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Monterey Car Week

Well I spent the past week or so at Monterey Car Week 2008 photographing many amazing cars like the 1957 chevrolet 210.
The weather was cold to a desert dweller as the fog seldom lifted at several of the venues, but it was worth it to have a chance to photograph so many amazing cars.

Classic Car
Classic Car Race

I took my time and drove from Phoenix to Monterey. I went thru Yosemite on the way out and Death Valley on the return trip. Both parks provided some beautiful photographs – it was a photographer’s dream drive. I timed my overnights so that I would hit both parks in the early morning when the light does such amazing things.

Even outside the events the cars were amazing. Every time I turned around there was some amazing car driving by, from Ferraris to Cobras. It was like browsing through a site like Roadweb, except I was there, and (as much as the owners would let me) I could get hands-on with the vehicles themselves. As my hotel was located at auction central, the cars for both auctions were often parked or driving by the front of my hotel. It was all I could do to keep myself from running inside to bid on some of these amazing cars. Not sure why, but I think spending $2-3 million on a car might put a hole in my budget. If I got hit by one of these I might need to talk to an injury attorney, I hear they can provide useful information about how to proceed if a car accident happens.

The best thing about the week was the chance to see some amazing cars and spend time with some good friends. People brought them in carefully. Some used services like CarsRelo to make the journey, whilst others drove in the entire way (and back again afterwards). It was wonderful to see the high spirits and smiles on everyone’s faces from the show. Everyone enjoyed seeing some very rare cars.

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Headshots in Black and White

Kandiss Black and White Headshot
Kandiss Black and White Headshot

With almost everything being in color in photography today, the fine art of a great black and white headshot is slipping away. It seems that photographers are usually reserving it for fine art photographs. Whereas I include it in my glamour and boudoir work, black and white also has a place in portraits and headshots. Particularly when it comes to business portraits, black and white offers a sense of traditionalism and as trends come and go, a black and white headshot is sure to remain timeless without looking out of place among the most trendy business web pages. Headshots like this can bring an air of professionalism and may get you to stand out more from the crowd. Using a Booth for Professional Headshots to get you the right pictures for your portfolio, is a smart choice and will set you apart from those who take it themselves.

The tonality of a black and white image adds a special depth to the images that just can’t be done with a traditional color photograph. It is even more important that the photographer control the light with black and white to create those moods. Photographer Olga Topchii (you can see her work at, for example, understands the importance of tonality in her photography. She has black and white images that focus on composition to generate the appropriate mood. Not enough photographers focus on in this day and age. Often many photographers try to boost their colors too much.

Color has become a crutch for some photographers, so worried about the perfect red that they overlook the other key elements to photography. Black and white, with the constraints it poses, forces the use of all a photographer’s skills to get a great image.

Digital photographers have it even tougher. A portrait / headshot shot in black and white digitally does not have the same available range as film. Some of the typical techniques to work around this in landscapes such as HDR, do not work practically with a person whose expression and eyes are key and move just the slightest bit between the frames.

There are other techniques that a skilled digital photographer can use to work around this, but it is a skill that takes time to learn.

Orcatek Headshot and Portrait Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Underwater Glamour and Boudoir Photography

This week my most interesting shoot was a glamour and boudoir shoot that the client wanted to shoot a portion of it underwater.  Many photographers had told her they couldn’t do it.  Since I do a lot of underwater photography when I travel, it was no problem to did out my gear for my camera and be her underwater photographer.

The water was very warm making the water feel great for both of us.  Her hair floated around in the water creating beautiful glamour pictures that just would not be possible any other way.  The patterns the sunlight made on her skin created some very interesting looks.

Underwater Boudoir and Glamour Photography in Phoenix
Underwater Boudoir and Glamour Photography in Phoenix

Being in the water created a very intimate feel to the photographs that was both sexy and playful.   She was having a great time doing the poses we created, even risking losing her contacts by opening her eyes.  The shoot was so much fun it ended up running a bit long, but the final result was worth the extra time it took.

This was the first request I have had for a boudoir photography session underwater, but after seeing the photographs I am sure that more clients in the Phoenix area will want to add this style to their shoots.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Sassy Sarongs Product Photography

This week, the most fun I had was as the photographer of product shots for Sassy Sarongs. A great company which produces an amazing variety of sarongs. Lisa is always great fun to work with on her projects. Each time she gets a new batch of sarongs in, she calls her favorite photographer – me.

We started the day with some photography of Lisa for her marketing materials. She’s doing a big push at the moment, with new photos, keyword research and other means to promote her products around the world being employed. Her sarongs made for some very colorful and interesting shots. She was a great sport about trying various things to get a large variety of photographs to work. As usual, my photographer’s eye saw some great opportunities to create some amazing photographs.

After the headshots were done, we moved on to the product photographs. The shots were targeted for her website catalog along with some printed materials. Once again there was a large variety of sarongs to shoot. The colors and quality of these sarongs is amazing.

We ended the day by shooting the full-body promotional materials. These photographs will feature a beautiful model posing in a gentle breeze. Getting the sarongs to behave in the breeze was a challenge, but as a photographer, I’ve learned a few tricks to get it to work. The final photographs will be used in a magazine, posters, and other marketing materials. Promotional materials such as this can really help a business thrive and grow in a climate where consumption from digital to real life is very important for growth. More and more companies are looking at branded materials such as custom t shirts to promote their business, alongside other forms of promotion.

I look forward to working with Lisa and Sassy Sarongs again on their next project.

Orcatek Photography Phoenix

Boudior and Glamour Photo Sessions in Phoenix

Leave something to the imagination - Boudoir
Leave something to the imagination - Boudoir

Every women has her own special beauty. Famed Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell said, “Bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination.” And I live by this when I photograph the many wonderful woman I have worked with. A glamour / boudoir session is fun way to bring out the your best for that special someone – celebrate your sensuality.

A session is designed to create images that evoke emotions with the photographs. A photograph that almost shows something is much more enticing than one that leaves nothing to the imagination like what you’d see on Be as sexy as you want. Create romantic and intimate images that make you look fabulous. Soft and subtly sexy are what great boudoir is all about and we will help you create those prefect picture.

Not comfortable posing nude – not a problem. It is what is not shown that can make an image extra sexy. So bikini and lingerie can create those dreamy photos like those seen in Maxim. However if you are comfortable posing nude then don’t get it confused that it will be as exposed as content you might see featured somewhere like or other adult websites.

Feeling more risqué, then Playboy style photo shoot may be perfect for you. That sexy look with soft lights and the flawless look can be yours. Having photographed several women who have posed for Playboy I know what real life looks like and how to get that ultra sexy fantasy look from the real women of the Arizona.

Dean has found that people tend to be most comfortable in their own home. Sometimes your home is difficult to get the privacy desired, so the studio or a nice hotel may be a better solution. Whichever is best for you – its your choice. We travel to Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and the rest of the valley in our standard fees. A reasonable travel charge is required for visit to areas outside the Phoenix metro area.

Orcatek Glamour / Boudoir Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

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sblinkWelecome to my blog. Clients are always wondering what I am working on. Now you can easily keep up on the latest happenings.

This photo is of Loren – a great girl who was amazing to work with.

Glamour Girl
Glamour Girl

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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