Environmental and Lifestyle Portraits

When choosing to get a portrait, there are many different styles to choose from. Environmental is a popular choice for higher end customers. An environmental portrait is also referred to as a lifestyle portrait. These portraits differ from the classic studio portrait as they show the real person, in the real world.

For example a family who loves boating might be photographed on their boat. Or another example would be a family who love their pet so much that they decide to get a photo to remind them of their much loved family pet. This could be a picture taken from past events or something more abstract like these custom pet portraits instead. The location for the photograph is chosen as it is one that reflects the people in it. It might be as simple as sitting around a kitchen to something as unique as skydiving. The important element is the people are place in a location that others would expect to find them.

What makes the difference between these portraits and a simple snapshot is where the professional photographer’s skill comes into play. A combination of posing and lighting will be used to bring the photograph to life. The photographer will place elements in the photograph to bring it to life. It is similar to how artists paint portraits; they smudge and tweak their brush to portray the subject’s feelings. If you have seen the art exhibitions of Charles Saatchi and similar gallerists, you might be aware of how color is a crucial element in changing the subject’s nature.

The pose may be as simple as a basic placement of the people within the environment. Then allowing them to interact as to remove the “posed” looked from the shot. Props will often be carefully placed to fill out the scene and bring the story of the photograph together.

How a spoon is rotated on a table may not seem very important, but it is these small details that bring the photograph to life and make it much more than a family snapshot. Clients often wonder why I move something just a tiny bit, the end result is where it all that attention to detail is worth the effort.

Lifestyle portraits work especially well with children, as the locations are more comfortable for them. Children in a studio often react to the studio and become stiff. Their personality becomes hidden. But place them in their comfort zone and they can easily let themselves come through, resulting in a photograph that will be treasured by the parents.

Whereas shooting on location to create these wonderful photographs is more difficult for the photographer, the end results are well worth the extra effort.

Orcatek Portrait Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Boudoir Photography – A daring adventure

Many women have thought about boudoir as something they could never do. After all, how could you be that sexy in front of a stranger? But then you start to think that it would be something unexpected, a gift that will never be forgotten. It might be exciting to do something adventurous.

Boudoir Photography by Orcatek
Boudoir Photography by Orcatek

So a bit of research reveals that there are photographers that specialize in just this style of photography. Professionals that will be able to help you feel comfortable. A photographer who knows how to bring out that special something in you that will make you look amazing. Someone who will make sure the photographs are classy and not trashy.

So maybe you should be a bit daring and have some glamour photographs taken. It would be a gift that would never be guessed. You could bring a friend to help you relax, change outfits and provide positive feedback. Every man sees the love of his life as a beautiful, sexy woman. The photographs will become part of a fantasy world that will fill his dreams for years to come.

You’ve never done anything like this, but as it turns out, neither have most of the other women who get boudoir photography done. This is why many of them enjoy working with someone similar to JG Boudoir because they always make the women taking part feel comfortable. You are not the only one who is nervous. Most women felt just like you do now, and afterwards said that it was a fun and exciting gift. They were glad they had the adventure and so was he when he received the gift.

So now its up to you to step outside your comfort zone and book that boudoir photography appointment. You will both be glad you did.

Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Very Young Children’s Portraits

Shooting very young children can be one of the most challenging things to do as a photographer.  They are too young to follow directions, easily tired and bored, reactionary and don’t stay focused.  Sometimes it seems they just don’t want to have their pictures taken.  So how does a photographer deal with this type of portrait.


First of all I prefer to actually shoot these in the client’s home.  This eliminates the travel time which can often tire out the youngster.  Being in their home also gives them a comfort level as they are not in a strange new place.  It easy on the parents to provide additional clothes or props as needed.


When shooting I watch how the child is reacting to the shoot.  Typically the shoot is done in several short runs of 3-10 minutes, allowing the child plenty of breaks to just have fun.  If possible during some break time try to play with the child to allow them to find you a fun and safe person. 


Be silly.  Little ones respond to different things so try a variety to see what type of things the child likes.  Funny noises or faces, classic peek-a-boo, favorite toys or just being on their level.  I find that if I crawl down on the floor with the child it brings me into the “fun zone” and the child reacts much more favorable to me.


Watch how you react to situations that occur.  A child is mimic.  If you react upset or irritated, so will the child.  If you are happy and laughing (even if you don’t want to) the child will respond the same way eventually.  Even if the child is upset and crying and you think you will never get a shot, don’t lose your cool.  Just take the break, laugh it off and put out the positive energy.


Sometimes a long lens is your friend.  Put the child in a play environment and just let them have fun.  Banging on a pot, playing with a box, just being a kid.   With your long lens you can get the shot without the child even being aware.  This works well with children who just don’t warm up to strangers quickly.  Watch your angles and keep low to get those shots.  You often end up laying on the ground to get the shot.


Once you get those great shots it just feels great.  A happy little one will melt your heart and that of the parents.  You will have created a memory that will the parents will treasure for a lifetime.  And you will become the photographer of choice for future photographs.


Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


Headshots can be a challenge.  They are not merely a portrait as they rely on the person and not the environment to make the image.  A portrait often takes liberties in presenting a person as the want to be seen, whereas a headshot needs to portray the person as they actually are.  Nothing is worse for a performer than not looking like the headshot that got them the call in the first place.


Hence the reason why headshot are often frequently updated.  If the performer changes their look they will need return to the photographer for an updated headshot.  The photograph used for the headshot shows the performers age, style, look, etc.  Any major changes in these will require an update.


Headshots are currently shot very tight.  Seldom do you see a head and shoulders headshot anymore.  Crop is typically 8×10 just below the chin and into the top of the head.  The performer often faces slightly off to one side, but not in profile.  A straight on shot is also used for headshots, much more than in portraits.


Both high key and low key are used for headshots.  The low key shots tend to be the serious, non-smiling shots and the high key shots tend to be the warm, smiling shots.  Models often go for a more glamorized photograph for their headshots, more along the lines of a beauty shot.


The goal of the headshot photographer to produce the series of headshots the performer needs.   The minimum that a performer will need is a smiling and not smiling shot.  The photographer needs to make sure that the eyes in the shot are alive and bring you into the shot, smiling or serious. 


A great headshot does not take a fancy set-up.  Some of the best headshot photographers work with a single light source and a reflector or two.   The key is knowing how to use those simple tools create the look that gets them noticed.


A headshot is often seen by a casting director for a few seconds before in moves to pile A or pile B.  Great headshots will get into pile A much more often than a poor one.  The rest is up to the performer.


Orcatek Headshot Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Keys to Success

How to get the images that will impress the client. Without great photographs, you will not be able to give your clients a product that will bring them and their friends back.

Probably the most important thing a photographer can do to get great photographs is to make the client relax. She needs to look comfortable and not self conscious about being photographed in her lingerie. The look in her eyes will be key to whether the photograph is amazing or just a picture.

Expect the client to be nervous, as most of them have never done a boudoir shoot before, let alone been seen in their lingerie or less by a stranger. For some, this would only happen if they saw a london escort, and yet there I was. I go through the wardrobe and never allow them to shoot in the favorites to start. I know that the first set will often be the most difficult for them. I want them to be relaxed and ready when we shoot their favorite outfits.

Getting them to relax is a talent and a skill. Treat the client with respect. Provide them privacy during changes. Discuss their concerns about how they look and how they want to make sure is covered. I shoot with a longer lens so I can provide some distance during the shoot. Personal space gets a bit larger when a person is dressed in less, so by not violating this space you can keep them more comfortable.

Some of the nervousness comes from the fear that they won’t be able to do what you need or look bad. Make sure to provide plenty of positive feedback during the photography session. Keep your comments positive, but not sexual. “That’s beautiful” is much better than “You’re making me hot”. The latter will quickly make most clients very uncomfortable and is more suited for someone filming a video for a site like www.youngsexer.com. Explain that being nervous is expected and they will be able to create the photographs they want with your help.

Find out who the photographs are being made for and talk about them during the shoot. Ask how they like to see the client. What they like most about the client. If the photographer tones their shoot towards pleasing the future recipient of the photographs, the client will see them as a professional who is working towards creating what is wanted by the client. Thinking about who is getting the photographs also help the client get into the proper mood which will show in their facial expression.

Once the client has become more relaxed you will see the photographs start to take on a whole new look. Your photographs will be better and your client will love you for it. Win-win.

Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Locations for Boudoir and Glamour Photography

A boudoir is a woman’s bedroom or private sitting area and a great location for boudoir photography. However this is no longer the only location where great boudoir images can be created by your photographer. Today, any woman, whether she be a mom, scientist or even the best escort Paris has ever seen, she can be sexy at any location, and choosing the proper location can really make a boudoir photograph.

Boudoir and Glamour Location Photography

For example, if a client wants to do a sexy shoot in various swimwears, the bedroom just will not work. A pool, beach or lake location like dock road barrie would make a much better location for this style of glamour photograph. The mind will ask why is this person here, and it needs to make sense for the shot to work. Of course there are those will say, “as long as she’s in a bikini I don’t care why,” but in reality the photograph can just seem a bit tacky.

Now today with digital processing, the studio can become a beach or any other location if needed. This takes a special talent from your photographer to properly create a photograph that can be inserted into a digital background and still look real and not photoshopped. But if possible the best solution is to shoot at the desired location.

Often the clients home can provide a number of locations that allow for a boudoir session that has a number of looks in it. The obvious bedroom location is always a good place to start. A quick walk through will give a number of other choices. Fireplaces can create a sexy mood. Swimming pools and hot tubs are often available. How about a sexy bubble bath series? A piano can be used in a number of ways. Even the kitchen has possibilities with a bit of creativity from your photographer.

I can’t use my home, so now what? A nice hotel suite can provide a great number of choices. And consider a historic hotel if possible and if that fits your style. And shooting in the studio is a good solution too. A good boudoir photographer will be able to create great images at any location.

So am I limited if I shoot in a studio? A little bit, sure. After all, you probably won’t find a studio that you can shoot underwater boudoir. Even without digital tricks, your photographer will be able to create a large variety looks that will make your session amazing. Studios will create sets (fake environments) to create the illusion of shooting at a location. So no need to worry, your photographs will look great.

So what is the best location for my boudoir photographs? That’s the beauty of today’s boudoir styles. Any location can create amazing photos that reflect your personality and style, or even a fantasy. So talk with your photographer and between the two of you, you will decide on just how to create those amazing sexy glamour photographs.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Tempe, Arizona

Cosmetic Surgery and Boudoir and Glamour Photography

One of the best times to get a boudoir and glamour photography session is after a cosmetic surgery procedure. The photographs will be great way to celebrate the new you, but it will be obvious that you will have to have some resting period between your Botox and your photo shoot, for many health and aesthetic reasons.

When should I schedule my shoot with the photographer? We generally recommend you schedule it for 30-60 days post-op. Of corse, this depends on what kind of surgery you get. Something like Southlake Rhinoplasty Surgery will take about six weeks, where as a face lift will only take about four weeks to heal.Your surgeon can give you his recommendations on how long they feel your procedure takes to heal. Once your surgery is schedule, go ahead and schedule your session with your photographer. It adds to the excitement knowing that you have your session all ready to go.

Why so long after my surgery? Even after you look healed on the surface, there is often some swelling that lasts a few weeks longer. For example liposuction heals externally it about 2 weeks, but your body will still be slightly swollen for a period afterwards. Since we want your photos to look their best, we suggest the longer wait. Of course, other body contouring procedures like smartlipo have a shorter healing period of about a week, or tummy tuck is about six weeks. You can look into these alternative body contouring procedures in Las Vegas by Dr. Stephen Miller at Miller’s website. Your surgeon will know the specifics for your surgery.

My surgery will leave some scars, how do you handle them? Depending on where the scars are and their size, there are a number of things we do. Getting breast reduction surgeries in New York may leave different marks from getting an augmentation, but we have handled both before. Sometimes we can hide them with make-up. Others we can conceal with the poses and lights. And of course, we can always retouch anything that is not covered any other way. We will make sure that your photographs will look as amazing as you imagine.

So how should I prepare for my post-op shoot while healing? With the new you, its time to look at some additions to add to your wardrobe. Your photographer will give you some suggestions on things that will work well during your shoot. Items that show off the changes will really help to make your photos special.

You’ve made the changes to yourself that you’ve wanted. So go out there and get some glamour and boudoir photographs to really show off just how amazing the new you has become.

Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Backgrounds in Boudoir and Glamour Photography

Boudoir and Glamour photography focuses on the person in the photograph.  Usually these photos are design to evoke a sensual and sexy mood.  Still the selection of the background can have a huge impact on the resulting image.  


The chosen background should not over power the person in it.  After all, the goal is to flatter the person and make them stand out.  This can be done in a number of ways, each one has its benefits.


The simplest is to choose a solid background.  This can be black, white or any color in between.  Key here is to keep the background muted.  Neon green will most likely not be effective at keeping the focus on the person in front of it.  When choosing a color, a color wheel can be your friend.  It can help you select colors to contrast the clothes that are being worn, by selecting a color from the opposite side of the wheel.


2.8 is Great!
2.8 is Great!

Another way to keep the focus off the background is to shoot with a shallow depth of field, open that lens up –  2.8 is great I always say.  The wide open lens creates that softness in the image, while allowing you to keep the key portion in focus.  In general it is usually the eyes, but in glamour and boudoir it may be a hand on a strap of the lingerie.  The photographer’s artistic eye will guide the selection of the focal point of a given image, and in turn guide the viewer’s eye.


And of course good boudoir and glamour photography is all about lighting.  And lighting can be used very effectively to place the focus on the person and not the background.  Your eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of the image, or in very bright images the darkest part is sometimes the focal area.  To see what is the focal point of an image based on light values, blur it until you can’t tell what it is.  Now look at it, and your eye will be drawn to something.  Sometimes I use Photoshop to do this, other times I just step back and squint my eyes. 


So by controlling how an image is lit, you can drive the focus of the viewer to the proper portion of the image.  Ideally you should keep your focus and light together, but rules can be broken. 


So why don’t I just shoot in studio on a solid background, since we are just trying to hide it anyway?  Because even a non-focal background can add value to an image.  For instance, if a woman is in a swimsuit I want to know why.  So I prefer there to be water to explain why she is the swimsuit.  Lingerie looks great in a bedroom, but maybe not as good in a garage (ok, who am I kidding – lingerie looks great everywhere, but you get the idea). 


Location boudoir and glamour provide the photographer a whole collection of choices of backgrounds.  They can be used to bring out the personality of the client.  How about a bubble bath, which can be shy and innocent, or sexy and sultry.  I will talk more about location boudoir and glamour photography in a future entry. 

Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Bridal Boudoir and Glamour Photography

Often a Bride wonders what would be a romantic gift she could give to her future husband that would say just how much she loves him. Bridal boudoir and glamour photography is one of the latest trends.

The bridal boudoir photography trend is a very popular wedding day gift for the groom from his future bride. The photos typically themed towards the wedding, using white lace and white lingerie, the veil and even sometimes the wedding dress. It’s all about looking sexy while still remaining demure. In other words, it’s what you don’t show that makes that shot sexy. You don’t have to look like you should be appearing on watchmygf.sex in order to look sexy and alluring.

Bridal Boudoir and Glamour Photography
Bridal Boudoir and Glamour Photography

Now you may actually be nude for some of the photographs if you are comfortable, but the photographs will not flaunt your body. Instead you will be tastefully posed to create the magically sexy look that will drive him wild. A good boudoir photographer will make sure that in the final photographs that you only show what you want and nothing more.

Ideally you should schedule your shoot about 6 weeks prior to your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to go through your proofs and have the gift created. Most brides at my studio choose one of the “Our Little Secret” books. These take time to retouch and print, but the end result is a gift he will treasure.

Is retouching boudoir photographs important? While good lighting and posing are key to a great boudoir or glamour photograph, retouching takes it to the next level. The beauty and glamour you see in magazines is retouched, and you want your photographs to look just as good. And they will when you use professional who provides quality retouching. A talented retouch artist will remove the minor flaws, tweak you here or there and create a look that doesn’t look plastic, but does look amazing. Models don’t have flawless skin, but they do in the magazines. You too can have that look. I always discuss retouching with my client to provide just the amount they want.

Where should I have my bridal boudoir photographed? The studio, your home or better yet – a first class hotel suite. Each has its benefits. Discuss with your photographer which location will fit the look you want to create. A professional boudoir photographer knows how to take advantage of any location to create beautiful images.

Who should I use for my bridal boudoir and glamour pictures? Choose a photographer with lots of experience shooting boudoir. Creating that sexy look is very different from creating a beautiful bridal portrait. The relationship between the photographer and the bride are on another level. I recommend not using your wedding photographer. I personally will not shoot the wedding of a bride that I shoot boudoir photographs. It allows the special connection needed for great boudoir to be established. Weddings require a another type of relationship to get the best photographs.

So brides, put a smile on your future husbands face. Give him a gift that shows him how you are his fantasy girl – because you really are the girl of his dreams. Book your bridal and boudoir session today.

I service the Phoenix area including, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Anthem, Apache Junction, Paradise Valley, Peoria and the rest of the valley.

Orcatek Boudoir And Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona

Why Boudoir and Glamour Photography?

Sensual and sexy is how people think of the boudoir style of photography. Others refer to it as glamour photography, where the photographer’s goal is to make the model look better than their best. It is not about having the perfect body, the most beautiful face, or being tall, thin and gorgeous. What a boudoir photographer does is brings out the glamour that is in every women, it can make you feel as sexy and daring as an adult actress on a set filming a scene for www.porn-hd.xxx without actually doing so.

So why doesn’t every one get some boudoir photos done? Most women want to feel attractive and sexy, even if they don’t admit it. This is why women post videos of themselves on websites like teenixxx.com because they love sexual attention. Sometimes they are shy, some just don’t feel confident. But more and more are realizing that a skilled photographer will be able to create the beautiful photographs that they want. And as others tell their friends, and they see how amazing real women do look when they have their boudoir photo shoot, they too realized that they should do it.

Boudoir and Glamour Photography Phoenix Arizona
Boudoir and Glamour Photography Phoenix Arizona

Boudoir photography is not about being cheap or sleazy. It is not about making images that you might find in the adult entertainment industry. If you want that, consider watching giant dicks fuck pussies from adult sites instead. But boudoir photography has different goals. It is about glamour and fantasy. It’s about bringing out that special beauty a woman usually reserves for her lover in a series of photographs. The photographer captures what her lover has always seen in their heart.

Who goes to a boudoir photographer? You’d be surprised. All types of women, normal women – girlfriends, wives, mothers, and even grandmothers. Usually, they go for a specific reason such as a gift or to remember a major life event. But sometimes they go just to see what all the fuss is about.

One of the most common groups that get boudoir and glamour photographs made are women who have just had cosmetic surgery. What a great way to show off those changes. The surgical changes they have done often give that extra little bit of confidence needed to feel comfortable going to a boudoir photographer.

A successful diet is another occasion that is often celebrated with some boudoir photographs. After the long hard work it has taken to make those changes in weight, boudoir and glamour photographs make the perfect reward. It is a chance to show their new bodies and document their success in a very sexy way. These kinds of images are often celebrated on sites like pornv (https://www.pornv.xxx/) so embrace your new-found sexiness and show it off with some great boudoir photography.

A great sexy gift is boudoir photography. Women give their lovers the photographs as a way to do something romantic and often unexpected. Very often it puts a little more spark into the relationship when it is unexpected. Sometimes the lover will give the session to the women to show them they believe they are sexy and beautiful.

Brides love the idea of giving a selection of boudoir photos to their future husband as a wedding gift. And grooms love to get them. They know their brides are beautiful and sexy women. When we know we are shooting a bridal boudoir shoot we often will have the bride bring her dress and/or veil to really bring the theme into the shoot.

Pregnancy is another event that is celebrated with boudoir photography. Sometimes a woman finds you is pregnant and wants to capture her look before she becomes a mother. Others are waiting until much further in the pregnancy and highlighting the beauty that pregnancy brings to a woman.

Major birthdays are also celebrated with boudoir photo sessions. 30th, 40th and yes 50th birthday are all occasions to reward yourself with some glamorous photographs. There is a special sexiness that comes with each of these milestones. Your photographer knows just how to capture the beauty of any age.

So get out there and find a boudoir and glamour photographer and see just how beautiful you really are.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Phoenix, Arizona


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