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Adorable Newborn!

A beautiful photo from a past Newborn shoot! In addition to Maternity photo shoots, we also offer Newborn photo shoots once your precious baby arrives! This adorable newborn baby had her first Orcatek Photo shoot and was a star! Not only is a Maternity photo shoot important and special to capture the moments leading up to the birth of your beautiful baby, but adding on a Newborn photo shoot will capture the early moments that slip by so fast.

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Creative Photo Images!

Another incredibly artistic Orcatek image created from the all day filming for a professional dance video shoot in the far north valley. Dancers flew in from all different locations around the country to be part of this epic production. The video shoot was an incredible event, and the images from individual dancers into flower patterns added an additional level of artistic creation.

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Safe Photography Learning!

REGISTER TODAY!! WE ARE HOLDING OUR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY IN STUDIO CLASS on Sun, August 2nd at 8am & our INTRO TO PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE CLASS on Sun, August 16, 10am!!! Our live interactive photography classes
can be taken from the safety and comfort of your own home!
Register today!!!!

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Future Shoots!

Although we are mostly stuck with social distancing and staying at home, think ahead to better times and being able to live life and have a little bit of fun again. Why not have a little fun and creativity with photography? Along with our Boudoir Photo Shoots, we can do many fun and creative shoots for you. Want to make yourself a star?? This Glamour shot was created with creative lighting and shadow techniques. In addition to Fashion, Boudoir, Maternity, Newborns, Headshots, Portrait and Automotive and product photography, we can create any kind of look for you that you can dream of!.

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Safe Photography Class Options!

Our latest edition of our popular Intro to Photography DSLR class in our studio! We implemented mask wearing and social distancing and just a couple of students. We are still holding our classes online with a live interactive format that students can take from home and will be holding in studio classes more often when it is safer times. Please stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. Hold your loved ones close and hug them often. We will make it through by all working together united with kindness and compassion!

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Capturing the 4th!

A stunning Orcatek firework image shot during the past Tempe Town Lake 4th of July firework celebration. Photographing fireworks can be a challenge as with many outdoor shots in motion. Luckily, our photography classes and workshops teach all the skills you need to begin or enhance your photography skills!

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Cool Classic Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at an Orcatek Automotive classic car photo shoot! We have years of experience shooting automotive, cars, trucks, sandrails, motorcycles and even planes! Professional looking photos make all the difference for both business and hobbies to show off your products and pride and joy collections!

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Father and Son

Special Father’s Day!

We honor and celebrate all the Fathers this Father’s Day!. Just in time for Father’s Day, a special gift would be to have a Father and Baby photo shoot! We’ll professionally capture those precious photos while they’re young as they change and grow so fast. You can spend your time with your precious little one like this new daddy, and we’ll handle capturing those moments and documenting them for you!

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Clothing Co. Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at the industrial fashion photo shoot for a pants clothing company. This apparel business has trusted Orcatek for all their product photo shoots! When it comes to your business products, your image is everything and your sales depend on it! We can shoot all of your fashion and business product photos!

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Marvelous Melons!

A behind the scenes look at an Orcatek catalog commercial business product shoot for a cantaloupe company! Your business image and product images are so vital to your success! You’re business is everything! When it comes to advertising or your product photos, you need to bring on a professional photographer. The quality of your photos and image of your products can make the difference between average sales and a highly successful business. You’re image is everything and sometimes you only get one shot at creating it. Trust Orcatek with all your business image and product needs!