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Performer Headshot

Let’s face it, your image is everything. This is especially true in business and attempting to sell yourself and services. This headshot for Jenny will be used to promote her musical performance career. Your headshot photo can be used on business cards, websites, social media, political ads, and for the entertainment world…your headshot and resume combined are what get you an audition or meeting to book jobs. With this being said, your headshot should be done professionally and not a quick picture taken with a cell phone. We have years of experience with photographing headshots for all fields of work!


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Filming Business Commercials!

That’s a wrap! A behind the scenes look at the Orcatek filming of a business commercial for a client. Orcatek now films commercials, promotional, spokesperson, testimonial and campaign/fundraising videos along with web series. We can now cover all of your photography and film/video needs for any project! Professionally made commercials and videos are essential in promoting your business and/or products!



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Truck Shoot

Orcatek Photography automotive photo shoot for this cool new truck! Orcatek is highly experienced in motorcycle and automotive photography and has been featured in many national  magazines.


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Motorcycle and Automotive Photography

When shooting your car or bike, you want images that show the details of your vehicle, capture its lines, reflect the time and effort it took to create it – and the care it takes to keep it looking its very best. We shoot both at our spacious studio and also on location for your convenience!

Motorcycle lights phoenix


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July Photography Classes & Workshops

Don’t miss out on our Pin-Up Photography Workshop! Be sure to check out all our classes and workshops and sign up now as classes are filling up fast!


Phoenix Retro and Classic Pin-up Photographer Arizona

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Boudoir Everywhere

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A boudoir is a woman’s bedroom or private sitting area and a great location for boudoir photography.  However this is no longer the only location where great boudoir images can be created by your photographer.  Today’s woman can be sexy at any location, and choosing the proper location can really make a boudoir photograph.

For example, if a client wants to do a sexy shoot in various swimwears, the bedroom just will not work.   A pool, beach or lake would make a much better location for this style of glamour photograph.  The mind will ask why is this person here, and it needs to make sense for the shot to work.  Of course there are those will say, “as long as she’s in a bikini I don’t care why,” but in reality the photograph can just seem a bit tacky.

Now today with digital processing, the studio can become a beach or any other location if needed.  This takes a special talent from your photographer to properly create a photograph that can be inserted into a digital background and still look real and not photoshopped.  But if possible the best solution is to shoot at the desired location.

Often the clients home can provide a number of locations that allow for a boudoir session that has a number of looks in it.  The obvious bedroom location is always a good place to start.  A quick walk through will give a number of other choices.  Fireplaces can create a sexy mood.  Swimming pools and hot tubs are often available.   How about a sexy bubble bath series?  A piano can be used in a number of ways.  Even the kitchen has possibilities with a bit of creativity from your photographer.

I can’t use my home, so now what?  A nice hotel suite can provide a great number of choices.  And consider a historic hotel if possible and if that fits your style.  And shooting in the studio is a good solution too.  A good boudoir photographer will be able to create great images at any location.

So am I limited if I shoot in a studio?  A little bit, sure.  After all, you probably won’t find a studio that you can shoot underwater boudoir.  Even without digital tricks, your photographer will be able to create a large variety looks that will make your session amazing.  Studios will create sets (fake environments) to create the illusion of shooting at a location.  So no need to worry, your photographs will look great.

So what is the best location for my boudoir photographs?  That’s the beauty of today’s boudoir styles.  Any location can create amazing photos that reflect your personality and style, or even a fantasy.  So talk with your photographer and between the two of you, you will decide on just how to create those amazing sexy glamour photographs.


Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography – Tempe, Arizona

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What can I say

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Been very busy, so here are a few photos to show what I have been doing.



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Time to Enjoy the Holidays

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With the holidays upon us again, I am taking a short break from my photography to spend time with family and friends.  I hope you can do the same too. I’ll be back in early January with some new and interesting shoots including boudoir, glamour, automotive, motorcycle, portraits and maternity.

Happy Holidays!

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix

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Hello world!

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sblinkWelecome to my blog. Clients are always wondering what I am working on. Now you can easily keep up on the latest happenings.

This photo is of Loren – a great girl who was amazing to work with.

Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl

Orcatek Photography – Phoenix, Arizona