Teaching and Shooting

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Teaching and Shooting

The past 2 weeks have kept me so busy that I didn’t get a chance to post until now.

I’ve been doing a lot of teaching.  Introduction to photography, Boudoir photography workshop, Introduction to Photoshop and lots of private lessons.  To see what I am teaching next check out Orcatek Photography Workshops in Phoenix.

In between teaching I’ve had a lot of fun shooting.  One of my favorites was a maternity pin-up photography session.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun.

Maternity Pin-up

Maternity Pin-up

This week ahead is also swamped, which is good.  Love it when I am busy.

So go ahead and book your class or photo session.  Let’s keep this trend going.


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Pin-up was the big theme this week

This week it seems I was the Phoenix Pin-up Photographer of choice.  And it was a blast.

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

Vintage Vixens Pin-up Phoenix

You never know where a shoot will take you with pin-up.  Seems like there is always a new prop or idea popping into my head to create something new.

I have another Introduction to Photography Class coming up soon.  Great way to learn how to get the most out of your camera.

I have some special Maternity Photography shoots coming up soon.  These are going to be fun.  Come back soon to see the results.

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Models Everywhere

This week was full of models coming in for portfolio updates.  Some were experienced and some were just beginners.

Model Zedcard


In between I managed to shoot a few headshots for a couple of executives.

Over the weekend I taught my Introduction to Photography class.  It was a huge success and I got several emails from students telling how I had helped them.

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Photography Workshops

My new website dedicated to my photography workshops is up and ready for viewing.  Here you can read about the various workshops, check the schedule and register.

Of course my ever popular introduction to photography class will always be available.  Along with advanced topics such as studio lighting, boudoir, maternity, fine art nudes and automotive.   So check out, share it with your friends and maybe even take a class yourself.

So go ahead and click the link – Orcatek Photography Workshops

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Maternity, Boudoir, Headshots and Models

I photographed a lit bit of everything this week, which makes for a fun week.  As usual I got calls for headshots that were needed right away.  I usually can squeeze a session in same day if the client is flexible on time.

Several boudoir photography clients came in to create that special gift for the man in their lives.  One was a bride to be who wanted a bridal boudoir session to create a grooms gift.  Another was celebrating an anniversary.  And one was just about to turn 40 and wanted to get the photos done to celebrate.  It made for an amazing week.

Maternity photographs were also in high demand this week.  One of the lucky moms was going to have twins.  I’m looking forward to her return for her newborn photo session.

A new model came in to get some new photos for her portfolio.  She was just a beginner but was great fun to work with.

Portrait Photographer Phoenix

My new website for my photography workshops is finally available. Check it out.

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Fashion workshop and more.

This week I hosted the Scottsdale Community College fashion photography class at my studio. The workshop was set up to provide the students with an opportunity to work in an actual studio to create some fashion images for their portfolios.

Everyone had a lot of fun and created some great photographs.

Above all, mastering the art of fashion photography is a useful skill for all aspiring fashionistas.

Whether you have dreams of fashion journalism, becoming the next big fashion blogger, or simply love collecting the latest designer pieces, being able to capture fashion on film is something that will always come in useful. Photography is so important for a lot of industries, especially for those working in fashion. They need good pictures of their products in order to sell them to customers, so having knowledge of fashion photography is important. However, if you aren’t fully confident with this yet, there are always companies offering fashion photography services to help businesses capture high-quality content. No matter how you do it, it’s just important that you are getting the best pictures of your clothing or designs to be able to promote them.

So many of my students have found that attending my fashion photography workshop has totally opened their eyes to an essential part of the fashion industry that they might not have considered before.

For example, one key lesson that I share with students is how to capture the perfect outfit of the day (or OOTD) post for social media. Everyone from fashion designers to the average social media user can now use a camera to capture an outfit, and therefore it makes sense to master the art of highlighting the details of a high fashion ensemble.

The best OOTD photos do not always feature the most expensive pieces either. I know plenty of successful fashion bloggers who use affordable replica pieces based on designs by big brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

With this in mind, if you are an aspiring fashion blogger, you might want to check out some of the most popular replica websites out there like LuxuryTastic where you can find replicas at great prices.

Do not just take my word for it though, there are plenty of Luxurytastic reviews online that also make it clear just how popular these fashion replica websites can be.

Anyway, I am planning several new photography workshops for the summer.

Send an email to workshops@orcatek.com to get on my mailing list. Topics will include fashion photography, fine art nudes, boudoir photography, pin-up photography, and automotive photography. Workshops will be held across the country.

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April Showers

That storm this weekend was needed, we always need rain, but it sure did get cold.  We all survived and it will be way too hot before too long.  This week was filled with boudoir photography, maternity photo sessions and photography classes.

I will be conducting more class this Saturday, April 16.   These are the introduction to photography classes at a special price of just $29.  Still time to register by email at classes@orcatek.com.

I entered the Professional Photographers magazine cover contest.  You can VOTE HERE.

PPA Cover Submission

PPA Cover Submission

I will be conducting some photography workshops this summer, so if you are interested just send an e-mail to workshops@orcatek.com and I will keep you posted.

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Whew – it’s been busy

Finally got a few moments to update my blog.  So many shoots this week.  I’ve been doing a lot of shoots for 480 Magazine.   Lots of fun shooting the wonderful ladies that are part of this.

4 sexy ladies in a sexy boudoir bathtub by Orcatek photography in his Phoenix studio

480 Magazine

My boudoir photography experience came in handy for this shoot.

Lots of clients also rented The Studio this week.  I shot lots of behind the scenes photos.

Spent some time preparing for the Introduction to Photography Class coming up on April 16.  You can still register.  Call about the $29 special – regularly $99.  Be sure to check out our other photography classes.   Want to get on our list about workshops, just drop an email to workshops@orcatek.com.


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Survived the Rain

In between the rain this past week, I’ve been very busy.   Two days were spent teaching a fine art nude photography workshop. The workshop was a huge success.  For more info on workshops, send an email to workshops@orcatek.com

Using a mannequin to demonstrate lighting at fine art nude workshop in Phoenix.

Fine Art Nude Workshop

Numerous boudoir photo shoots took place here at the studio and a few on location.   There were a few brides to be, a birthday and a anniversary shoot.  All great reasons to give the gift he’ll never expect and never forget.

Sitting in sexy black lingerie in her boudoir, by Phoenix photographer Orcatek.

Sitting in sexy black lingerie in her boudoir

And the week wouldn’t be complete with out a few beautiful maternity photography clients.  This week was no exception.  Such an amazing group of woman this past week.

Black and white pregnancy photo of her hand on belly by Phoenix Maternity photographer, Orcatek

Feel the kick in this maternity photograph

Next week is already filling up with magazine shoots, boudoir photo sessions and maybe a newborn if she delivers soon.  It’s great being a photographer here in Phoenix with so many wonderful people.

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Things are settling down

Several students came to the studio for private photography lessons.    A few were repeat students coming in to take more advance classes.  I love teaching photography to enthusiasts.

Maternity photography was another busy area.   Some very excited moms to be came in to capture their pregnancy bellies.  Even some of the siblings got in on the act.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek

And of course there was a lot of boudoir photography for Valentines that kept my very busy.    So many amazing woman gave such a personal gift to that special man in their lives.

Stephanie in sexy red lingerie by phoenix boudoir photographer Orcatek

Business is growing slowly but surely.  I have recently expanded my boudoir photography into Las Vegas.  With it being a popular destination for so many, it makes it the perfect place for boudoir photos.