Maternity Photography, Fun with light

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Maternity Photography, Fun with light

I  am always wanting my maternity clients to get a wide variety of interesting photographs for their pregnancy book.  One of my very favorite ways to create uniqueness as a photographer is to work with the lighting.  For this shot I wanted the photograph to be all about the shadow shown on the floor.   This required a strong, very directional light.

Mom was a such willing model as I had her adjust her position ever so slightly to just get the perfect light on her face, belly and shadow.  In the end everyone felt it was worth the extra effort to create this interesting maternity photograph.

Orcatek Maternity and Pregnancy Photography, Phoenix Arizona

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Maternity Photography for the whole Family

Your pregnancy is a very special time for the entire family.   And a great way to show this is to involve the entire family in the maternity photographs.  The sample here shows a future big sister posing with her future little sister.

Sister with Baby

Everyone in the family is looking forward to the new baby’s arrival.  Featuring them in the photo session makes the day fun and special for everyone.  Children always seem to come alive whenever they are asked to pose with their future sibling.  They often have their own ideas of what they want to do, so I always take a few minutes to shoot a few of those frames to keep the enthusiasm going. 

A proud father always makes for a special photographic moment.  The love that you see when the father and mother pose together makes for an amazing photograph.  Capturing this emotional time for the couple creates heirlooms that will be remembered forever.

So consider bringing the family for part of your maternity photography session.   Or maybe do two session, one with the family and one to feature just you.

Orcatek Maternity and Pregnancy Photography – Phoenix

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Bodyscapes for Fine Art Maternity

This week I had one of my most enjoyable shoots, a maternity photography session.  A woman’s pregnancy is such a special time that it really needs to be captured in a way that will create a lasting memory.  I have found that using non-traditional techniques for pregnancy photography gives my clients something different.

Bodyscapes are a style that I find is very effective for capturing maternity photographs.  Traditionally this style is reserved for the fine art nude community, it makes an excellent way to capture the magic of pregnancy.  My favorite technique is to use a rim light to really show off the shape of the belly. 

Baby Belly Bodyscape

I have an elevated table for the mothers-to-be to lie on so they won’t have to face the challenge of getting up from a low bed or casper mattress or worse,  the floor.  A single step up and they can easily lie down on the padded table or return to standing.

When I mention I would like to shoot some bodyscapes to my clients they often have no idea what I mean.  But once they see some sample photographs they are sold.

 Orcatek Maternity Photography – Phoenix