Cosmetic Surgery and Boudoir and Glamour Photography

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Cosmetic Surgery and Boudoir and Glamour Photography

One of the best times to get a boudoir and glamour photography session is after a cosmetic surgery procedure. The photographs will be great way to celebrate the new you, but it will be obvious that you will have to have some resting period between your Botox and your photo shoot, for many health and aesthetic reasons.

When should I schedule my shoot with the photographer? We generally recommend you schedule it for 30-60 days post-op. Of corse, this depends on what kind of surgery you get. Something like Southlake Rhinoplasty Surgery will take about six weeks, where as a face lift will only take about four weeks to heal.Your surgeon can give you his recommendations on how long they feel your procedure takes to heal. Once your surgery is schedule, go ahead and schedule your session with your photographer. It adds to the excitement knowing that you have your session all ready to go.

Why so long after my surgery? Even after you look healed on the surface, there is often some swelling that lasts a few weeks longer. For example liposuction heals externally it about 2 weeks, but your body will still be slightly swollen for a period afterwards. Since we want your photos to look their best, we suggest the longer wait. Of course, other body contouring procedures like smartlipo have a shorter healing period of about a week, or tummy tuck is about six weeks. You can look into these alternative body contouring procedures in Las Vegas by Dr. Stephen Miller at Miller’s website. Your surgeon will know the specifics for your surgery.

My surgery will leave some scars, how do you handle them? Depending on where the scars are and their size, there are a number of things we do. Getting breast reduction surgeries in New York may leave different marks from getting an augmentation, but we have handled both before. Sometimes we can hide them with make-up. Others we can conceal with the poses and lights. And of course, we can always retouch anything that is not covered any other way. We will make sure that your photographs will look as amazing as you imagine.

So how should I prepare for my post-op shoot while healing? With the new you, its time to look at some additions to add to your wardrobe. Your photographer will give you some suggestions on things that will work well during your shoot. Items that show off the changes will really help to make your photos special.

You’ve made the changes to yourself that you’ve wanted. So go out there and get some glamour and boudoir photographs to really show off just how amazing the new you has become.

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