Couples fine art nudes enter the boudoir

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Couples fine art nudes enter the boudoir

When a couple comes to my studio for their boudoir photo session, they often don’t really know exactly what type of photographs they want, other than they would like to pose together as a nude couple.  So one of the first things I like to show them, as a photographer, is some of my couple’s fine art nude work.

I find often the fine art nude style is something they had not even considered, but are very interested in doing some once they have seen the samples.  They will describe these types of photographs as “classy and tasteful”, something they would actually display in their home for others to see without feeling embarassed.

The are of creating complimenting shapes with couples does present some extra challenges.  You now have two bodies that the photographer needs to protect modesty.   Additionally they both may have some physical attributes which they would prefer to be managed or concealed.  With careful posing and lighting, the photographer can create photographs which anybody would be proud to display in their home.

One of the methods photographers like is to intertwine the bodies of the man and women, wrapping arms and legs into a twisted puzzle.  When I use this technique, I like to shoot tight, often making in a challenge to identify the body part owner’s in the photograph. 

BunsAnother great technique it to compare or contrast the same body part.  Chests, backs and rears are all great choices for this style of photograph.  He likes her rear, she like his, and a great photograph is just waiting to happen.

Even though fine art nudes are not typically thought of as boudoir by most, adding them to the styles available to boudoir photography clients provides another an opportunity for couples to create photographs that are tasteful and beautiful. 

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