Shower time

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Shower time

One of the favorite set-ups for sexy boudoir photography is a bathtub or a shower. Some bubbles and wet skin just make for a very intimate photograph, like you are intruding into her life. I especially love a shower which is primarily glass – like these glass world shower doors – because it allows the light to flow and also gives you some really fun shots as she can do things like lean against the glass, for example. In fact, some of these images can be even more amorous when taken inside the best electric showers listed here, as this can add to a heightened sense of modernity and sophistication.

Sexy Shower Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Intimate Photographer Orcatek

This is especially effective when she is not looking into the camera, as if she is an aware. Of the reality of having flashes and my female assistant helping adjust this and that makes this just a fantasy, and fantasy is what great boudoir is all about!

I take this idea one step further and have used it for my maternity photography clients. It is not to be sexy, but to create a very intimate photograph. It sets a mood of a quiet time when the mom to be is relaxing, enjoying some time to herself.

I like to give my clients something different, so every shoot may have it’s standards, but I always like to shooting something I haven’t done before. This is how the shower/bath became one of my maternity classics. Of course it helps that I have a bathtub set in my studio.

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