Setting the Mood

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Setting the Mood

This week as I was reviewing some of my boudoir photography I started thinking about how critical mood is to these photographs.  This photo for example would look very different if the tones were not subdued.

Doorjam Boudoir Photography Phoenix Arizona Photographer Scottsdale AZ Orcatek

These soft colors help to set the mood and bring the mind to another place.

As I retouch the photographs I use to create the custom designed boudoir albums and calendars, I work to make each one unique.   My work is not about assembly line productions, it is creating the prefect memory, telling your story, creating your fantasy.

These design rules apply to all areas of my work.   Maternity photography is another great place for setting moods and telling stories.  Capturing the joy and happiness of your pregnancy in your photographs takes planning.   I tend to have a picture in my head of what a final photograph will look like before I even take the shot.

This week will be busy with two casting calls and teaching an Introduction to Photography class.

Photographs preserve memories, so grab your camera and take a picture of your friends and family this week.   Many years from now you’ll be glad you did.