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There are many types of modeling, but all types have one thing in common. You need some great images in your portfolio and zed card to get you to work. Your Book is vital to your success. Your Phoenix portfolio photographer will get your modeling career going.

Your Book and zed card need to have a great headshot. It needs to show that you are versatile, that you can pull off more than one look. It needs to show a range of expressions. A fun project for you prior to your shoot is to build a portfolio using images from magazines with 10-20 images. During our consultation we can review this and see how you see yourself. After a few passes, we can create a basis for your portfolio.

Your book should include both studio and location work. Each environment creates a set of challenges for a model. Experience with each will help you as your career grows. If you need to put your portfolio together in a professional manner, then going onto the Printivity store will help show you how best to do that.

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Model Portfolio Pricing Brochure

Modeling Samples

Getting Ready

  • Cut out any magazine pages that show the type of images you are interested in. We can then use those for a basis of discussion.
  • Silly as it feels, in the mirror study your body and it’s curves when standing or lying in different positions. Practice your expressions as well.
  • Start pampering yourself by getting a manicure and pedicure. That polished look will enhance your final photographs. Use only clear polish.
  • Do not wear sunglasses to a shoot. They can leave marks on your nose.

What to Wear

A great portfolio for a model will show variety. One look will be boring and incomplete.

  • Bring a variety of items, avoid strong patterns. More the better.
  • Bring clothes the fit well
  • Nothing will brand names visible such as Guess shirts
  • For headshots, no short sleeves. Your top should be a muted tone, no bright or light colors.
  • For women, dresses or skirts that will move and show motion
  • For men, a suit is always a good option
  • A trendy shot or two is fine, but timeless looks will allow you to use the images longer
  • Think of the styles you want to model and bring items that fit.
  • Props can sometimes be useful, let’s chat about what might work.


We travel to Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and the rest of the valley in our standard fees. A reasonable travel charge is required for visit to areas outside the Phoenix metro area.


You have seen those models and performers in magazines. If you saw many of them on the street you wouldn’t even realize who they were. We can retouch your photography from minor corrections like removing a blemish to the full glamour look. We will do as much or as little as you want. These are your pictures and we will work with you to make them everything you want. We will give advice, but you are the boss.

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Model Portfolio Pricing Brochure