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Boudoir & Glamour Photographer


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Boudoir Photography


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    Boudoir Sample Photographs

Every woman has her own special beauty.  Famed Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell said, "Bring out the best, conceal the worst, and leave something to the imagination."  And I live by this when I photograph the many wonderful woman I have worked with.   A tasteful glamour / intimate boudoir session is fun way to bring out your best for that special someone - celebrate your sensuality.

A session is designed by your photographer to create images that evoke emotions with the photographs of you.  An intimate photograph that almost shows something is much more enticing than one that leaves nothing to the imagination.  Be as sexy as you want.  Create romantic and intimate and tasteful photos that make you look fabulous.   Soft and subtly sexy are what great boudoir is all about and we will help you create those prefect pictures.

Not comfortable posing nude - not a problem.  It is what is not shown that can make a photo extra sexy.   So wear a bikini or tasteful lingerie and your photographer will create those dreamy intimate boudoir photos like those seen in  Maxim.  Feeling more risqué,  then maybe a intimate Playboy style photo shoot may be perfect for you.  That sexy look with soft lights and the flawless professional model look can be yours.

How do I know that the photographer is a professional? Look at the variety and quality of their work.  Do they have tasteful samples of a wider variety of woman?   Of course Dean has been published numerous times in national men's magazines including the covers, so he knows how to create awesome tasteful boudoir.  Here are some of his latest.

Orcatek's Latest cover, intimate boudoir photographs, sexy and fun by your favorite Phoenix boudoir photographer.

Doesn't boudoir photography mean bedroom, so should the photographs be done there? Yes, a woman's boudoir originally was her bedroom, but today's intimate boudoir and tasteful glamour photography has expanded to include just about any location. The key is posing, lighting and mood captured by your  photographer. I've done boudoir in kitchens, pools, deserts, mountains, garages, bars, barns and empty rooms to name a few. All these locations created amazing, sexy boudoir photographs through the use of my skills as an artist.

I want to keep my intimate photos private?   Unless you agree in advance with your photographer, your photos are never placed on our website or shown to anyone.  Even your proofs will be password protected to make sure you control who sees them.

I'm not a 20 year old supermodel, will I still look good? A good boudoir photographer will make you look very sexy and desirable. He knows just how to pose and light you to accent your beauty. Most of the women I shoot for boudoir are everyday women you might pass in the mall, in their 30's and 40's with a few kids. They often come into the shoot worried about how they compare, and leave knowing that real women are beautiful and sexy. I often hear from my clients, "It's amazing what you do with lights and posing, even without retouching I look so good."  

Orcatek shows some more of his work as a Phoenix boudoir photographer featured in magazines

I want to pose with my lover, is that still boudoir? Yes, it can still be boudoir.  Careful posing by your photographer needs to be followed to keep the intimate photographs sexy, tasteful and sensual and not adult entertainment. Showing the love and passion that a couple shares between themselves can create some beautiful images.

Trust in your photographer's skill, will allow you to realize that you too can be sexy like those images you've seen. By working with a talented professional you can be confident that your trust in this photographer will provide you with the photographs you have imagined, and hopefully exceed your desires  

Everyone is nervous at first, but you can do it. You will  be even sexier than you imagined and still tasteful in your intimate glamour photos. 

Call now to book your appointment.   


Check this fun video answers about our tasteful and intimate boudoir photography


Boudoir FAQ's

Boudoir Sample Photographs

Where Do We Shoot

Our state of the art 3500 square foot studio is our primary shooting location in Tempe.   Dean has found that people are sometimes more comfortable in their own home.   Sometimes though, your home is difficult to get the privacy desired.  Or even a nice hotel can be a fun location for a shoot.   Boudoir in the studio allows the photographer some freedom due to the large amount of space and tools available to create that sexy photograph.  Whichever is best for you - its your choice.    We travel to Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and the rest of the valley in our standard fees.  A reasonable travel charge is required for visit to areas outside the Phoenix metro area.


Getting Ready

  • Cut out any magazine  pages that show the overall desired look. Your photographer will have a better understanding of what it is your are looking for.
  • Silly as it feels, in the mirror study your body and it's curves when standing or lying in different positions. Practice your expressions as well.
  • Start pampering yourself by getting a manicure and pedicure. That polished look will enhance your final images.
  • If you normally wax or shave I recommend doing so the day before to avoid any irritation marks for your shoot.
  • It is always best to moisturize your skin before your shoot. Use your everyday lotion to avoid a skin reaction that would show up in your photos.
  • Wear non-restrictive clothing for an hour or two before your shoot.  Undergarments or tight clothing (even socks and sunglasses) tend to leave marks on the skin.


What to Wear

  • Cute and fun undies.
  • Does he have a favorite sports team?  If so a jersey from the team is always fun.
  • Lingerie, corsets, stockings, garters, etc.
  • Swimwear, jeans, skirts can all be very useful.
  • Robes and long jackets.
  • Heels are always a winner.
  • Costumes can be fun.  See Fantasy Ideas
  • Shear and thin tops and dresses.   Maybe a wet t-shirt if that's your style.
  • Anything that you feel sexy wearing.


What do I Get

There are number of options at our Phoenix studio.

  • "Our little secret" book   - An expertly crafted book of tasteful photographs for that special someone.
  • DVD Slideshows.  A slideshow set to music of your favorite photos.
  • Custom Prints  Prints on standard and exotic materials are available.
  • Posters   Large prints of a single or composite collection of intimate photos.
  • Calendars   Our calendars feature large 12x18 photographs
  • Fine Art Book  -  Only the highest quality materials are used to create this work of art.

Phoenix boudoir photographer shows product samples including sexy books, pin-up calendars, intimate photographs and classy photos.

  Boudoir Photography Phoenix information website


You have seen those models and performers in magazines. If you saw many of them on the street you wouldn't even realize who they were. We can retouch your photography  from minor corrections like removing a blemish to the full glamour look. We will do as much or as little as you want. These are your boudoir pictures and we will work with you to make them everything you want. We will give advice, but you are the boss.

Book your appointment now by calling  602.432.1541.

We travel to Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and the rest of the valley in our standard fees.  A reasonable travel charge is required for visit to areas outside the Phoenix metro area.

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